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Fighting plastic for several years with their ingenious invention, The Trashboom, Plastic Fischer has now expanded their activity in India with 5 different sites. Our creative team flew to India to follow and capture their positive impact in this new country all summarise in this 3min video.


Studio Jencquel was trying to sell the property they designed for over a year. We produced a promotional video to spotlight this luxury villa from the angles that flattered it the most. As a result, within two months after sharing our video, they succeeded in selling the property.

Vintage Camera Hut.jpeg

Working closely on Vintage Camera Hut's online presence, they started to organize monthly Photowalk for the analogue community. To promote this Photowalk event, we created this promotional video. The footage was taken during one of the Photowalk in Southbank, London to promote their next session that will be in collaboration with Lomography, a well-known company in the industry.


Engineered to make you smile, BAFANG hired us to showcase their electric engine as the new way to commute daily for work or leisure purposes. We produced lifestyle and product photographs to capture their system and show the world how it can "power" your life.

Vintage Camera Hut.jpeg

Founded by Marius, Vintage Camera Hut was born on the belief that every camera deserves a second chance. To enhance Vintage Camera Hut online presence with professional content that will highlight the quality of the refurbished camera we organise a studio and lifestyle photoshoot in London.


@BambuuBrush was born in Hitchin in February 2019. Founded by Rebecca and Tommie with the purpose to educate and empower their user, by swapping plastic products for sustainable ones. We created video and photo contents to highlight @BambuuBrush's product and process of production in China.